Impossible skincare regimens…and why we go overboard

Impossible skincare regimens…and why we go overboard

As our society tells us more and more each year how “perfect” we must be, we as women tend to go far above and beyond to retain youthful appearances. I am definitely no exception. Hell, today is my 26th birthday, and I’m more worried about the fact I am now closer to 30 than 20 and have very little to show for it. Also, those pesky wrinkles! Seriously, just no. Every day in the media we see what society deems beautiful and constantly criticize ourselves for not matching up to their standards. I know I used to spend valuable money on everything recommended to me by anyone in desperate attempts at preventing/fading wrinkles, pores, ect. However, I finally realized I was actually doing more harm than good, because all of these so-called “kits” had so many artificial ingredients and chemicals I was actually hurting my cause severely. Thankfully my best friend got fed up with my constant complaining and exasperation and introduced me to Pacifica. Thank you Kelsey!

Now, I won’t lie, it really isn’t a “fix all” or anything, and obviously something that works for one woman doesn’t always work for the next. I like the brand simply because it is a higher end than drugstore brand, but still falls in affordability. The company boasts their products are “formulated with a bevy of natural ingredients for healthy, bright and more youthful skin”, also they claim that every single product is created with zero animal product, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, propylene glycol, mineral oil, petroleum, peanut oil, triclosan, and “other ingredients you do not want on your skin”. Everything is vegan and natural, even the makeup. For someone with troublesome and combination skin, this is a great thing for me. Honestly I wasn’t always good about skincare and whatnot, I was a smoker for 5 years, and just a complete rubbish job of caring for my skin period. I can say with complete honesty after a month of using the Super Detox Natural Solutions Kit my skin already looks about 5 years younger, and is much smoother than before(I wasn’t smart enough to upload before and after pictures this time) I will say that my skin is quite a bit less oily and just has an overall more even skin tone than before, and I have definitely noticed a reduction in my pore size! (Thank God because that is my biggest issue with my face)

I will be trying the Your Face Just Got Lucky set after completely done with the detox set. I usually buy the sets just because I tend to get lucky enough to run out of all the products around the same time, but obviously you can buy different items and create your own personal regimen. I definitely give Pacifica a 9/10 for my personal use, and recommend it for anyone to try if you’re still searching for a good skin care regimen.

6 thoughts on “Impossible skincare regimens…and why we go overboard

  1. I started using anti-ageing products a couple of years ago, but a lot of them just made my skin feel horrible. I started using a collagen cream just before Christmas, that has Aloe Vera and coconut oil in and I love it. My skin feels amazing and I’ve definitely seen a reduction in the fine lines across my forehead.

    It’s funny how different products can work in such different ways for people.

    1. I don’t know why, but a lot of the anti aging things I have tried make my skin SUPER greasy -.-
      I’ve actually put pure honey on my face and let it sit for about 20 minutes. I do it like 2 or 3 times a week and honestly it’s done more for skin elasticity and evening out my skin tone than a lot of anti-aging creams ever have. I guess my skin is just too oily.

      It’s really hard for me to find anything worth a damn for my complicated skin too.

  2. I don’t buy anything for my skin because I’m only 27 and also the fact that my pimples usually go away if I don’t pick them :/ but I know my skin but I know not every skin is the same, so I understand the need for skincare regimens. I just don’t have oily or dry skin..My skin is comfortable and in the middle. I’m so lucky, in fact I went to a Mary Kay party and they tried to find my skin type and were perplexed that my skin isn’t really oily or anything…just doesn’t need any maintenance, honestly.

    1. I tried mary kay, and it just didn’t work for my skin, but my sister on the other hand loves it(she’s too damn young for that stuff but she doesn’t listen to me xD)

      My skin is also very complicated, sadly. There isn’t much I can find that works. The only reason I even stumbled on this Pacifica stuff was a friend of mine asked me over for a “girls night” and this is what she used, knowing basically everything makes my skin super oily. I use coconut oil on my hair, and it has made a world of difference. I hav very thin, fine, but somehow still frizzy hair, and a few weeks of the coconut oil has already thickened it and made it look so much healthier.

      I’m super jelly of your lack of need of a bunch of skincare stuff bahaha. Must seriously help your pocketbook at least! =O

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

  3. I use a range of different products that work on my skin. I don’t like to get sets because I have needs that are not addressed by everything in the one set. It might have steps I am not interested in or don’t need, or I might need something extra. Most of the products I use for my skin are SK-II, because my mum works for them and can recommend them. The products are gentle on the skin.

    I use gel or water-based moisturiser because oil-based ones are too heavy on my skin! That’s definitely one of my needs.

    Happy belated birthday 🙃

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! Most of my skin is pretty oily, and there are a few dry patches. It’s almost impossible for me to find something that works for me on my budget bahaha.
      My best friend suggested perhaps using a combination of items, but I hate “gunking” up my skin. It’s already bad enough! xD
      Lately I’ve been using a korean imported creme that is working pretty well as long as I wash my face in morning and night. Lately dark circles have been an issue, well moreso than before, but I’ve heard it can be an iron deficiency not just lack of sleep.

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