New addition to our fam

Hello everyone, now that I’ve gotten school work done for the week(pre-cal is kicking my ass if I just be honest), I’ve had some time to get back to working on my blog. Finally.
A lot has happened, and I haven’t done much to allow anyone to catch up, and honestly I’ve been an awful blogger the last two months thanks to a rough patch in life.
After the craziness that was Columbus, OH and coming back to Texas, we have set up in a tiny little town called Big Lake. Literally, about 2500 people at most, so we don’t have much here. However, despite the influx of rattlesnakes, wild jackrabbits, and lack of civilization I AM rather enjoying it. We have a small little 2 bedroom house that I am working on getting some decent furniture in, slowly but surely.
David is working as a maintenance man/ranchhand for the people that own the 3300 acre property, and only a small section of it is used as an RV park. Most of the residents are oil field workers, so we don’t really have a chance to get to know anyone, but still, I cannot complain. We are making decent money, and right now are not being asked to pay rent, as we are “on call”
It doesn’t hurt that the owners are also the sweetest people anyone could ever meet. So the pros of being way out here outweigh the cons by a million. I finally feel like I am on the right track in life! I know it might seem trivial, but as shittastic as my life has been, this is a huge stepping stone. I’ve cut out many negative people, and am beginning to realise that the quality of a friend really does outweigh the quanitity of “friends”.
Now, on to the title of my blog post today! We drove an hour to cash Davids check, and figured we would wanted around the pet store a bit since we were there anyhow getting dog food. He has been asking for a ferret for a couple of years now, and lo and behold, there was a white one! So, well, he got him and brought him home, lol. Everyone, please meet Malfoy, the white ferret.

I will be visiting all of your blogs and getting back in touch with everyone this week. I’m so sorry it took so long, but I promise I didn’t forget about any of you. =D

**Also, please bear with me as I begin setting up a domain, and changing around emails and such. Because I had to get a new phone number, gmail insists that I cannot access my emails any longer!**

14 thoughts on “New addition to our fam

  1. Awwwe!!! Hello Malfoy! He’s a cutie and I love how you named him after Harry Potter lore and that funny scene with Madeye Moody and Malfoy XD It was hilarious in the books as it was in the movie, besides you’ll do better in pre calc. It kicked my butt a lot but alas, it works out well in the end.

    1. Thanks! Lol.
      I do very very well in all subjects except mathematics, sadly. Geometry was easy enough for me, but algebra not so much, and there is a fair amount of expanded algebra in calc. Oi.

    1. Thank you! I’m so so glad things are working out better, aside from the fact hubby broke his foot last night being a dumbass, lol.
      The ferret is turning out to be very sweet, and learning to be handled quite well thankfully!

  2. I’m glad you are finding your footing in life and heading on the right track. I haven’t been to Big Lake in a long time but my mother use to drive out there for work everyday. She was a nurse at their nursing home. I can hardly believe she made that trip so many times.

    Such a cutie ferret ♥

  3. Hello, Malfoy! 😄 Glad to see you introduced a new family member. Nick and I have been thinking of getting some tropical fish once we move, but it’ll definitely be expensive.

  4. Aww, Malfoy is so cute! I love the name, it definitely suits him!

    Glad to hear that everything’s going in the right direction now. It can’t be nice to move so much, but at least you like where you are now!

    Hope everything goes well!

    1. My cat has yet to meet him, as she’s been at my mothers for a couple months. I…I’m thinking it probably won’t go well when they meet lol

  5. Hello Malfoy! How sweet!

    It sounds like your life is very exciting right now, and I’m glad it’s all going well for you! Hopefully that winning streak continues as you build up your new home! You’re very brave being around rattlesnakes though, I couldn’t do it!

    1. Thank you! Also, my only saving grace about the rattlers is I always have at least 1 dog with me out here, and a shotgun closeby. I don’t take chances with them!! *shiver*

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