Of Tea and Makeup

Never over-steep tea with cinnamon in it

I have been getting desperate with this weight loss thing. However, the Vitex I’ve been taking for my lady issues has certainly helped with my thyroid. I’ve noticed an increase in metabolism, and while I haven’t noticed a change in the scale numbers, I’ve noticed I’m down a pants size. So definitely counting it as a small wind. Lately, however, I’ve tried detox tea by a brand called Yogi(I have the DeTox box), and it’s definitely strong WITHOUT letting it steep too long. This time however, I let the dogs out and let them run too long, come back in and while my tea was still hot, it was *ackhem* very strong in cinnamon.

I gulped too much, and thought I was going to die, with my throat on fire. David nearly died laughing, and at the time I didn’t think it was too funny. I actually think my throat is still burning, lol. I’ve heard tea detoxes are okay, but not more than for a day or two, so I think I might try that. I suppose the only reason I’m so obsessed with it as of late is that I’ll be 27 soon, and well, the last 4 years have gained too much weight and don’t want to be one of “those” moms. The dirty looks in public are also pretty depressing, especially concerning seeing people I went to high school with that still look great. With no effort, I might add, but some people are just blessed with good genes…I was not one of those people.

On a good note, however, I’ve noticed a SIGNIFICANT change in my face since using the bar soap I reviewed previously. I’ve taken to using the grapefruit in the morning, and the charcoal soap at night. I just follow with a moisturiser so I don’t dry out my skin. Still haven’t chosen a moisturiser, but that’s due to my amazing best friend giving me some samples of various kinds, lol. I’ve tried Shiseido and Olay Regenerist so far, and I have to say while the Shiseido is best, the olay isn’t terrible! Olay is just a bit too oily for my skin.

Another thing I’ll be signing up for to try this month is Boxycharm. I’ve heard very good things, and how as far as subscription boxes go they’re extremely highly rated. I used to have ipsy, but cancelled as I wasn’t satisfied in the slightest, and have not tried a “box” since then. However, one thing that stood out to be was the fact that they send full sized, high end products, and sometimes throw in a “bonus”. For instance, next month all subscribers get a Tarte full-sized palette next month. For $21/month I won’t complain! I hope I enjoy it as it’s one of the few luxuries I get in life haha.

One more thing I must include, because I’m rather proud of myself, but I passed my first term of classes with flying colours! I’ve started another term already, and am in a fast track programme, so I’ll be rather busy for the next two years, but hell, it’s worth it!

6 thoughts on “Of Tea and Makeup

  1. I wish you the best of luck on your weight loss journey. The most important thing is that you feel strong and confident within yourself. It can take some time to get there.. I am still in that process myself. 😀

    Great news about the soap and your face! 😀

    I hope you enjoy the new box and find some great treasure inside.

    Congratulations on passing the first time. *high five*

    1. Thanks Kya! Glad you stopped by!

      I hope that I can just remember that everyone slips up, and to just get back up and keep going. I usually get really discouraged with weight loss if I think there’s no results after a while, lol.

  2. Congrats on passing your classes! At least the first term of it. I agree that it’s difficult losing weight…I am still doing it to have children. It’s better that way to help me be safe during a future pregnancy. I am glad that your face is doing better. God knows that I am trying a new skin regimen to help with my pimples.

    1. Michelle, I can sympathize there. We’ve been trying for almost 3 years for a baby, and I was thinking weight loss and stopping smoking would help. It’s very very disheartening after a while the negative tests just make you cry. I say that but I still haven’t given up. Recently my aunt suggested Vitex capsules(can only find them on amazon here, but apparently they’re sold at most health food and wellness stores) and it’s got great reviews and claims to help regulate hormones. I got a bottle and am going to give them a try!

  3. That’s good you’re down a pants size! Congrats to you on that.

    That tea experience sounds very unpleasant! I will have to remember this and steep that detox tea too long . . . that cinnamon explosion would not have been welcomed.

    Subscritpion boxes — I can’t say I miss them, haha! Some boxes were a hit, but most were a miss for me, and I only regretted wasting my money on them. I hope they work out for you!

    1. Tara that cinnamon was so unexpected o.O
      I mean, had I been expecting it, I don’t think it would have been too bad, but damn, lol.
      The blueberry tea I got, same brand and all, actually is pretty good. It’s VERY VERY blueberry flavoured, but you can still find hints of other herbs. I drank some and had to put some honey in it for some sweetness.

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