30 before 30

I was inspired by Kya after reading through her list. Basically, these are goals I have set for myself of all the things I’d like to have accomplished before my 30th birthday on January 29th, 2021. Some of them are MUCH more achievable than others, but that is kind of my point. I WANT to set some fairly challenging goals for myself, and really push myself into being a healthier, better woman. After all, they say life begins at 30, so here’s to hoping!

1) Become more organised

This is a big one for me, because while I’m a stickler for things being clean, I’m pretty disorganized, and need to change that!

2) Quit Smoking

Because let’s face it, it’s an expensive, unhealthy, and stinky habit!

3) Be kinder to all, even those who don’t necessarily deserve it

I think kindness should be spread, and only then can our world truly begin to improve

4) Write a novella

It’s been a dream of mine to complete a novella. Not even necessarily to publish, but to prove to myself I can stick to something!

5) Earn my bachelors degree

I know WHAT I want to do now, so I have to fight to get it done! I should stop letting things get in my way.

6) Improve my artistic talents

Most of this is because I really don’t try enough. I get lazy and sloppy and stop learning. I really need to improve my drive and determination. I have the want, but not the drive, and that needs to stop, because I have those who are willing to help me improve!

7) Travel to S. Korea

I have a friend who lives there who has offered to let me stay with her, and show me some amazing sights. Plus I love korean food, and where better than from the actual culture from which it comes!?

8) Travel to Japan

THIS has been a lifelong dream of mine from childhood, as my uncle was stationed there and often sent me amazing memorabilia. I’ve always had immense respect for the Japanese culture and innovation as well as irresistible food! The sights are also beyond beautiful.

9) Become fluent in 2 languages other than English

This is important to me, because not only do I want my daughter to be aware and respectful of other cultures, but I also want to be able to communicate with others in their language. I think it’s important to learn about others, and what better way to learn about another nationality than learning their language!

10) Code my own theme from scratch

I figure this one will come with earning my bachelors degree, as I chose to study computer science, and become a developer, but this is an important accomplishment to strive for not only professionally, but personally. I’ve always admired those who have the patience to learn and keep up with current coding, and maintain their knowledge. Doing something like this means I am actively learning and willing to actually follow through with something I’ve always liked.

11) Develop healthy eating habits

In our society it is sooo easy to just decide you don’t want to prepare a meal and hop out to a fast food place to eat. Not only is it completely unhealthy, but also gets expensive! I want to be able to be health-conscious in my food choices and let that reflect on taking better care of myself. I have a daughter who I want to be healthy, active and take good care of herself, and I cannot expect that of her if I am not doing it first!

12) Be active and have a good workout routine!

This is probably my main goal! I have struggled with weight most of my life, and once I became a parent, I completely “let myself go”. I’m very disappointed in this fact, and hate how lazy and pudgy I’ve become, and though I’ve made improvements, I want to completely change my lifestyle. While this obviously doesn’t change over night, and my past methods of starving myself to lose weight (epically) failed (for obvious reasons), I want to do it “the right way” because that’s the only way it will be a true victory.

13) Buy Another Horse

Self-explanatory. I miss riding, and had to part with my baby of 5 years, and her mommy I’d owned since I was a baby, due to circumstances I couldn’t control.

14) Let my hair grow!

Down to my butt before cutting it off! As of 7/23/2017 I’ve made it the middle of my back.