About the Site

So, what IS Simply Shanae, and how did it come to be? Well thank you, Dear Reader, for stopping by an wanting to learn more about everything. Below you will find the story of how Simply Shanae came around, and why I’m here

Previous Sites

I started out, like many my age, “designing” on GeoCities. Literally just had a million different “doll sites” because this was the mid-late 2000’s and we all thought we were awesome for the tacky glitter text, the fashion dolls, and pixelly backgrounds. Don’t forget the neon colors! So many neon colors. Looking back now, it’s hilariously awful, but it got me interested in the aspect of websites.
Once I grew out of the fad that was doll sites, I began creating (horrible) “graphics” on neopets.com, and had many many sites there, but quickly became annoyed with constant filters and changes to what and wasn’t allowed, so I slowly started migrating to off-neopets web creating. My first host was, I believe Kya at bubble hosting. Just a simple little blog/graphic offering website called “Rainbow Dash”. Well, it didn’t take log for me to get bored with that, and so I decided upon a personal blog, changing the name and purchasing my first domain name and naming it as a homage to my favorite band, The Beatles, thus nowhere-girl.net was born. I actually kept this domain name for over a year, until letting it expire and taking a break from the site community.
When I decided to come back, mostly out of boredom once I discovered I was pregnant with my daughter and put on bed rest(awful honestly) I came back with TwilightCrane.net and this is when I first started discovering wordpress and better blogging systems, having previously survived on PHP and FileZilla. Entirely new concept(of which I still suck at, but hey that’s why I’m in college is to learn these things!) Two more years of maintaining this site, and I made some amazing friends doing so! Sadly they all grew out of web owning, though I did not. Once my daughter was born things slowed as she was very sickly, and required literally around the clock care for the first year of her life.
I again, let my domain expire, but quickly got hosted and had nanother domain name, MuguetBeau.info. This was possibly my favorite site I have ever owned, okay, definitely my favourite site. I still miss it and wish I hadn’t let it expire, but sadly I moved into a home with no internet, and as money was extremely tight, I did not have internet for over two years. So there really was no need for me to continue owning a website if I couldn’t even update frequently. I thoroughly enjoyed having a silly blog where I literally just rambled on about work, school, my newborn baby, but thankfully I have grown out of doing so.

Simply Shanae

Now we come to SIMPLY SHANAE, hosted by the lovely Moni at IceGlow. For now, just a subdomain, but in the near future I do have plans to buy a domain name. My blogging has grown, matured and evolved, and I can honestly say it is thanks to other blog owners I have seen grow and progress. While I still blog about random things in my daily life, I can honestly say that I am proud to offer “life hacks” for the every day woman here. It doesn’t matter your body shape, skin tone, fashion sense, socioeconomic background, ect, I cater to every woman here at SIMPLY SHANAE. It is my hope that anything I can do to boost a woman’s confidence in herself will change her life for the better. We all want acceptance and to feel beautiful, and that starts with learning to love yourself! I am so thankful for all the lovely people I continue to meet, and can say with confidence that SIMPLY SHANAE is going to be around for a while.