About Me

Name: Shanae
Age: 26
Occupation: Executive Assistant
Current Location: Big Lake, Texas
Likes: My Little Pony, Mass Effect, Literature, Anime, American Dad, Cutsey animals, Nature, Horses, History, Art, Blogging, Writing, The Beatles, Shinedown, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Tea
Dislikes: Spiders, Snakes, the colours red and orange, overly hot temperatures, bright lights, messiness, germs
Random Facts: I dye my hair a lot.
I have too many damn pets, and love them all.
I’m kind of a bitch without meaning to be.
My eyes are extremely sensitive to sunlight.
I write a lot. Then scrap the drafts.
My best friend is more like that annoying, over protective sister. And I love everything about her.
I watch too many cartoons.
I legit have no attention span.
I love makeup.
I hate Texas heat.