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July 2017

July has some good things, and some bad things, but I did learn a lot about myself this month. Some things I learned to like, some I learned to let go. So I guess let’s get started!


I am currently in a business HR class this term, and let me tell you how much this class sucks ass and is basically a common sense class that should be called “How to NOT be a shitty person”. I’m not kidding, it’s completely easy, which I am grateful for, as my other class is quite difficult and taxing. However, what is so striking about it is the fact that what we are having to read, out of a widely used college textbook I might add, is basically just telling you to be nice to each other and act like an adult. I was under the impression that this was just a given. Seriously. From the time we are born we are(at least SHOULD) be taught how to be respectful and courteous to our fellow man, even if we don’t agree with them. Opinions are a good thing, as long as you respect someone else’s even when it differs from your own. Don’t be a culturist or racist fucktard. I mean, basic concepts of how to live. Has our society as a whole become so self-centered that even adults need to be taught the world doesn’t revolve around them?


I love love LOVE Pureology brand haircare, however the price doesn’t love me! I decided to finally just break down and try a knockoff. Now, normally I’m one of those people that doesn’t trust store brands, however I took my bottle of Pureology and a bottle of Suave Professionals Biotin, and the ingredients were exactly the same, and even in the same order. That being said, it was the same exact shampoo so I bought it to at least try. If it sucked, well, I only paid $6 USD total for shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels just as healythy, smells the same, and I’ve noticed no difference even after 2 weeks. I WILL be buying from now on! Every once in a while give “cheapy” brands a chance, because sometimes it’s a great way to save!


  • BareMinerals Translucent Powder Duo– I paid $20 for this from a friend, as she accidentally bought 2 of them. They are $40 brand new from retailers and boutiques. One side is a matte finish, while the other is a glowy finish. I’ve only been able to use it about twice now, as I don’t currently have a brush(thanks to my kiddos puppy) and hate wasting it. There’s a substantial amount of powder in both, and from the little use I’ve gotten I feel like it was at least worth the $20 I spent. Definitely my new fave finishing powder. Even my large pores looked non-existent.
  • Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb The Antioxidant Super Moisturizer– Holy crap. I love this stuff. I have had terrible experience with garnier products, and the only reason I even tried it was because I got a free sample and ran out of moisturizer. I use it because it’s extremely hydrating, but not so much so my skin is oily. I liked it well enough to buy a full sized jar, and still have no complaints!
  • Yes To Tomatoes! Charcoal Bar– Definitely still using this baby! I swear I’ll never go buy another soap as long as I live(unless Shea Moisture ever makes mine again) My skin is overall clearer, looks healthier, and I do feel much better using this as it’s completely natural. It is a tad drying so following up with lotion is important, but well worth the benefit of using it.
  • Jane Eyre– I honestly cannot even imagine how many times I have read this book. I still completely love it, always will. In all honesty, it is one of my favourite books ever written, despite it’s slow story progression. I’ve always been rather apt to read classic literature over newly written materials. Meaning I used to enjoy most of those boring books from AP English lol

    All in all this month was pretty unimpressive, and hot. It’s been completely terrible weather-wise.

  • Of Tea and Makeup

    Never over-steep tea with cinnamon in it

    I have been getting desperate with this weight loss thing. However, the Vitex I’ve been taking for my lady issues has certainly helped with my thyroid. I’ve noticed an increase in metabolism, and while I haven’t noticed a change in the scale numbers, I’ve noticed I’m down a pants size. So definitely counting it as a small wind. Lately, however, I’ve tried detox tea by a brand called Yogi(I have the DeTox box), and it’s definitely strong WITHOUT letting it steep too long. This time however, I let the dogs out and let them run too long, come back in and while my tea was still hot, it was *ackhem* very strong in cinnamon.

    I gulped too much, and thought I was going to die, with my throat on fire. David nearly died laughing, and at the time I didn’t think it was too funny. I actually think my throat is still burning, lol. I’ve heard tea detoxes are okay, but not more than for a day or two, so I think I might try that. I suppose the only reason I’m so obsessed with it as of late is that I’ll be 27 soon, and well, the last 4 years have gained too much weight and don’t want to be one of “those” moms. The dirty looks in public are also pretty depressing, especially concerning seeing people I went to high school with that still look great. With no effort, I might add, but some people are just blessed with good genes…I was not one of those people.

    On a good note, however, I’ve noticed a SIGNIFICANT change in my face since using the bar soap I reviewed previously. I’ve taken to using the grapefruit in the morning, and the charcoal soap at night. I just follow with a moisturiser so I don’t dry out my skin. Still haven’t chosen a moisturiser, but that’s due to my amazing best friend giving me some samples of various kinds, lol. I’ve tried Shiseido and Olay Regenerist so far, and I have to say while the Shiseido is best, the olay isn’t terrible! Olay is just a bit too oily for my skin.

    Another thing I’ll be signing up for to try this month is Boxycharm. I’ve heard very good things, and how as far as subscription boxes go they’re extremely highly rated. I used to have ipsy, but cancelled as I wasn’t satisfied in the slightest, and have not tried a “box” since then. However, one thing that stood out to be was the fact that they send full sized, high end products, and sometimes throw in a “bonus”. For instance, next month all subscribers get a Tarte full-sized palette next month. For $21/month I won’t complain! I hope I enjoy it as it’s one of the few luxuries I get in life haha.

    One more thing I must include, because I’m rather proud of myself, but I passed my first term of classes with flying colours! I’ve started another term already, and am in a fast track programme, so I’ll be rather busy for the next two years, but hell, it’s worth it!