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New addition to our fam

Hello everyone, now that I’ve gotten school work done for the week(pre-cal is kicking my ass if I just be honest), I’ve had some time to get back to working on my blog. Finally.
A lot has happened, and I haven’t done much to allow anyone to catch up, and honestly I’ve been an awful blogger the last two months thanks to a rough patch in life.
After the craziness that was Columbus, OH and coming back to Texas, we have set up in a tiny little town called Big Lake. Literally, about 2500 people at most, so we don’t have much here. However, despite the influx of rattlesnakes, wild jackrabbits, and lack of civilization I AM rather enjoying it. We have a small little 2 bedroom house that I am working on getting some decent furniture in, slowly but surely.
David is working as a maintenance man/ranchhand for the people that own the 3300 acre property, and only a small section of it is used as an RV park. Most of the residents are oil field workers, so we don’t really have a chance to get to know anyone, but still, I cannot complain. We are making decent money, and right now are not being asked to pay rent, as we are “on call”
It doesn’t hurt that the owners are also the sweetest people anyone could ever meet. So the pros of being way out here outweigh the cons by a million. I finally feel like I am on the right track in life! I know it might seem trivial, but as shittastic as my life has been, this is a huge stepping stone. I’ve cut out many negative people, and am beginning to realise that the quality of a friend really does outweigh the quanitity of “friends”.
Now, on to the title of my blog post today! We drove an hour to cash Davids check, and figured we would wanted around the pet store a bit since we were there anyhow getting dog food. He has been asking for a ferret for a couple of years now, and lo and behold, there was a white one! So, well, he got him and brought him home, lol. Everyone, please meet Malfoy, the white ferret.

I will be visiting all of your blogs and getting back in touch with everyone this week. I’m so sorry it took so long, but I promise I didn’t forget about any of you. =D

**Also, please bear with me as I begin setting up a domain, and changing around emails and such. Because I had to get a new phone number, gmail insists that I cannot access my emails any longer!**

Moving Day: Coming Soon

Well, it’s official. Down to the wire. In 2 weeks I say goodbye to Texas and hello to 1300 miles of driving to my destination in Ohio. New adventures, new opportunities, and well, some negatives too, but I refuse to dwell on them any longer. This week I’ve spent a lot of quality time with the kiddo since I won’t see her for a few weeks, including going to the main park downtown here. She loved going across the bridges and seeing the ducks, and we even managed to get some decent pictures.

Concho River Duckies!
She really had a lot of fun, and asked if I’d take her again this week, and yes, we will definitely be having another “adventure” this week, because it was fun, and good exercise for me! Lots of walking! I’ve managed to lose another 5lbs this month, and feel very accomplished with the small step in the right direction. Also, except for yesterday, I’ve literally had no soda pop or sugary drinks(except my coffee creamer)

David even went with us to the park, and hand fed a duck a pizza crust(I really don’t think they’re supposed to have pizza o.O It was kind of cool to see him feeding it, but I’m never getting close to one. I’ve been chased by those assholes a few times, and geese are jerks! -.-

David walking around the ducks.
Well, on Wednesday I get the headlight on my car ordered from Amazon, and when it comes in get it put on registration sticker taken care of, and then we really prepare to get going. Wednesday is also when I am supposed to be going to Best Buy(that’s all we really have for electronics in this craptastic town) to pick out my new laptop and I’m like, 99% sure I know what I’m getting, but I still feel like I’ll spend a couple of hours boring David while I change my mind another 50 times xD

The one thing I am going to miss are the mild weather days we’ve had around here most of winter. It stays pretty cold up in OH during the winter…meaning my sister-in-law said on average the high is like 40…sooo I’m probably going to freeze to death this coming winter. Still, I’d rather deal with the cold than the 100F+ degree heat we get here during the summer. Also, no evil grass stickers so I might actually be able to enjoy grass without feeling the earth trying to murder my feet. Let’s not forget, as a former equestrian I will be beside myself getting to attend the Equine Affaire this year. I’m probably going to blow money on shit I have no use for just because. Also, I have been trying to coerce David into letting me lease a horse after he finds a decent job. I only say that because it’s still a bit more cost effective for me than buying my own at the moment, but as it’s pretty much the only hobby I’ve ever had that is no relation to the internet or reading, he’s encouraging it while wincing at the cost of the horse industry.

I’m trying to look at all the positives and opportunities moving will bring me, and dwelling less on the negatives of doing so. There really is no sense in letting myself be depressed when I know that in the long run, this is definitely for the better, and I am very much trying to enjoy it and have a positive outlook on it all. I’m glad that, despite it all, everything is already looking more positive, and I really think I’ll be able to even achieve my weight goals once I get away from all this unnecessary stress!


Before I go, I have a recommendation for you all that like YA romance novels. If you haven’t yet, give Julie Kagawa’s “The Iron Fey” series a chance. I was pleasantly surprised that it was pretty decent. Even has a major Shakespearean influence! The first book is called Iron King and I’ve read through all 4 of the books, and I really did enjoy it for a find at our closing media store!

The time has come…

To talk of many things:
Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax–
Of cabbages–and kings–
And why the sea is boiling hot–
And whether pigs have wings.

Okay, no idea where Alice Through the Looking Glass came from. Just popped into my head randomly so we’re going with it!
Well, my room is getting bare. Everything has been taken off the walls, most of my life is packed into bloxes aside form basic necessities I may need over the next couple of weeks. My car has been cleaned and vacuumed, boxes packed into that will fit, and now I am sitting with a cup of tea enjoying the silence while my daughter plays with her new Disney barbies.


It’s beginning to hit me hard that for the first time in her life, she will be away from me frequently and for extended periods of time. Her father has joint-custody and wants her every other 6 weeks, and as of right now I have no choice but to agree. That means every 6 weeks I will be driving 10 hours to “meet in the middle” to pick her up/drop her off, then 10 hours back home. The driving doesn’t bother me really. I need to learn to become more comfortable behind the wheel of a vehicle anyhow.
However, being without her that long is going to really mess with me emotionally. I’ve spent her whole life, aside from about a year where I had no choice, being a stay at home mother. I’ve catered to her needs daily, and always been there if she was sick, hurt, or just needed mommy. Now I can still do those things, but from behind a computer or phone screen. I will video chat with her every day, but in the end, it still is not even close to the same. I cannot feel her, hug her, or give her kisses. She’s not even old enough to understand why it has to be this way.
It upsets me even more because her father is merely doing this out of spite, as when she is with him now, living in the same city, he yells at her and ignores her constantly. I don’t expect it to be any better once I leave either. As parents, it is our duty to care for our children. To love and cherish them, and to teach them how to be productive members of society once they come of age. We are to do this, no matter how we might feel about our child’s other parent. It is going to be a hell of a rough transition, but thankfully I will have everything set up for her once we move, and give her something fun and exciting to come home to. I’ve told myself to always look at he silver lining, and think about how amazing I’ll be able to make her room for when she gets to see it!

Sights To See

Aside from the worrying about Emma, I am warming up to the moving idea quickly. The more something negative or frustrating happens here, the more moving away sounds desirable. I have spent about 10 years of my life in this city, and it’s been about 7 years too long, if you ask me! Want to know what I am looking forward to the most about Columbus? A BOOKSTORE! A REAL BOOKSTORE!

Where I live currently there is very little to do, despite being a relatively decent sized city(over 100K population). Of course where I am moving to the census in 2010 said there were about 8 times that amount. I’d assume there’s about 900K-1 million people in the city as of now, possibly more. Therefore of course there is more demand for things like bookstores. Also, they have one of the highest ranking zoos/aquariums in the United States, and while I don’t particularly enjoy zoos(I always feel a bit sad for the animals) this is something Emma will love. I also read up on a few amusement parks near where I’ll be living, and they too are very highly recommended.

The city parks are what I’ll be looking forward to most after having a bookstore nearby. I love to go read in parks, and since I won’t be having to deal with 100+ degree weather any longer, I will possibly be able to actually enjoy summers! that is something I simply cannot wait for! David was completely amazing while packing up the top of the closet and found my Kindle Paperwhite that I thought was gone forever to abyss where socks disappear to. So I’m charging it and whatnot right now! I hope all of my books are still there, but if not it’s not a total loss. Most of them were classic literature books that were free on the kindle store.

Also I’ve heard the gardens are to die for they’re so beautiful. I’ll have to take some photos, because after getting some stuff unpacked, I told David probably the second or third day we’re there I want him to take me to sight see. He’s from Columbus so he should be able to help me find some really pretty places! As a plus it might help with my depression from being separated from Emma too. Not to mention I’ll already know the best places to take her once I pick her up!

Moving Headache

Well, one downside is definitely the cost associated with moving! We were going to rent a moving truck and pull my car behind, but they wanted 850 for the truck and another 150 for the toy dolly for my car. I said no thank you. Definitely not. I will not pay $1100 to move PLUS the about $600 in gas the truck would cost me. Nah, bruh, I’m good. So as silly as it sounds we are going to install a pull on my little 2013 Hyundai Accent(which surprisingly can tow up to 2000 lbs apparently o.O) and pull a small trailer with it. I really don’t ave a lot of stuff, and we wouldn’t be taking a trailer at all except the two pieces of furniture I do own are my bed and desk, which no matter how good at TETRIS I might be, it’s not fitting in my tiny car bahaha. So right now that’s the plan, and just cover the stuff on the little trailer with one of those plastic tarp things in case it rains or whatever. I’d much rather pay about $400 plus gas in my own car than around $1500-$1600 for a moving van when I don’t even really need all that space in the first place.

Have you guys ever moved as adults? If so, how did you handle everything?