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PiYo, and Tea, and Heat…oh my!

Well, for starters, I finally got the tea thing figured out. I’m still drinking that DeTox tea, but start my day off with a blueberry tea first. Honestly it helps me feel fresh. That’s important because for the last 2 months I’ve woken up just groggy, achy, and feeling like shit. I also confess I haven’t even been getting up out of bed until 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and not going to bed until 5 or 6 am…I hate it honestly. I WISH I could have a normal schedule again, and have been fighting for one, because I hate feeling like I’ve wasted my day.

So as it stands, starting next week I’m going to be slowly trying to get my wake-up time to around 8 or 9am, and in bed no later than midnight. Not only will that help once Emma starts school(in a year), but also I feel like since David doesn’t get up until noon most days the mornings can be “me time” which I desperately need! I also have a friend who recently moved to Oregon, and said as she lives pretty far from any cities she wanted a low impact-high results workout, and has tried PiYo for the last couple of months and highly enjoys it. I’m going to use my office to be a little “me zone” for my time to decompress.

That means PiYo for me as well as tea a few times throughout the day. I’m trying to nix fizzy drinks period as they’re completely terrible for yo anyhow! If I can adjust well, I’ll definitely give you guys some sort of thoughts on this PiYo thing after trying it. Oh! I also discovered I really really like almonds, so along with the blueberry tea I’ve taken to almonds(dry roasted, no salt) and low sugar craisins for breakfast. I’m trying to also cut the carbs for a while, but having an issue with the fact I rarely eat meat unless it’s chicken, of which I haven’t been in the mood for.

I also scratched my glasses. Went with hubby out for a patrol around the property the other night, and since the polaris ranger is in the repair shop we took the 4 wheeler…You can just imagine what happened to my glasses when he stopped fast to avoid *shudder* a tarantula. For those of you not familiar with Texas, the wildlife and plants try to fucking kill you. You can run them over and they still survive, so best to just avoid them if you can. It was a whole lot of ‘nope!’ and turning around, but my glasses got ran over in the process of flailing. I thought they were gone forever, and I’d have to suffer with blindness, but David found them this evening. Still in one piece, but scuffed up pretty bad. Hopefully I can find some sort of fix for at least most of the scratch because it’s really bugging me.

It’s been extremely humid, and hot(well over 100 still) and one of my dogs ran off the other day. We looked everywhere for her, and finally had to come back inside after an hour because I needed some water and to cool off. When we stepped back out, she was covered in mud just laying on the porch, tail wagging, and while I was glad to see her safe it took all of my patience to not scream and cry. I definitely hate the heat with a burning(pun intended) passion. I guess one good thing about this heat is the grass and weeds aren’t growing overly fast for once!

Well…At the very least this blog post has been about as scattered and disorganised as my brain this week, so apologies, and I hope you stuck it out this long lol.