I value my animals on a very high level in my house. In fact, generally I trust their opinion on other humans…except the cat. She hates everyone. Not me. Everyone else. Enjoy my babies as much as I enjoy showing them off to the world!


Elsa-Queen of the snow cats

Name: Elsa
Alias: Queen of the Snow Cats, Princess Snobby Pants
Birth Year: 2015
Personality: Snobby
Quirks: She refuses cheap cat food because she’s an asshole
This is Elsa. She’s a jerk. She’s my best friend, and we get each other, but she doesn’t like anyone except me…occasionally my husband if she really wants attention and I don’t want to be smothered. Elsa lives under the assumption all serve her, and should you offend or displease her in any way, she will bite you. She has no claws, but can sucker punch the dog(the dog is a german shepard/lab mix) Elsa also likes to have my daughter do her evil bidding. She has no issues stealing your food because she’s too good for cheap cat food, apparently. She’s sweet when she wants to sleep on you, but don’t try to get up or face her wrath. Elsa is kind of a brat. However, she’s my brat and I adore her.


Malfoy the asshole White Ferret

Name: Malfoy
Alias: Shithead, Ferretface
Birth Year: 2017
Personality: Snobby, Brat, Curious, Nippy
Quirks: WIll NOT use a t-shirt hammock. Hates second-hand ferret stuff(His father will hear about this)
Malfoy is the newest edition to our fur family. We actually got him on a spur decision, as he was the only white ferret PetCo had while we were buying dog food. He is very young, thus has a bit of an attitude. That being said he is incredibly sweet and fun to watch. Being a spaz, he LOVES Mt. Dew boxes, and thinks we all should serve him. Elsa and Malfoy have a particular relationship in which they hate one another, but know that each must stay alive.